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2024 Sailing & Adventure

Sailing & Adventure Camp

Adventurers will sail, motor, or paddle board to a daily destination,developing their on-water navigation and safety skills.  At each destination, Adventurers will learn about Cape Ann's intricate ecosystems and local history through engaging activities.  Whether snorkeling at Brace Cove or discovering shipwrecks at Misery Island, Adventurers will have the opportunity to explore the wonders which exist in Gloucester harbor and beyond the breakwater. For students 8-15 years of age.

Students will learn boat rigging, major knots, points of sail, and basic sail trim. We will also focus on navigation skills and sail & power boat safety. Adventurers will be able to identify the major parts of both power & sail boats

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Our Venue

The Eastern Point Yacht club venue is second to none on the North Shore. Located at the entrance to Gloucester Harbor, within the protection of the Dogbar breakwater, EPYC allows the unique opportunity to sail from the dock to the open ocean in a matter of minutes, as well as the calm waters of the inner harbor. These conditions make it possible for sailors of all skill levels to participate in ideal conditions throughout the summer in a wide array of winds and seas. The Club offers a 3,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, dry sailing facility allowing students to walk straight from the classroom and onto their vessels. EPYC has a diversified fleet including, 420's, Open Bics, Optis, Paddle Boards, and a Rhodes-19. Students will also be able to learn navigation & safe power boating skills while traveling to different locations in EPYC's Boston Whalers. EPYC is committed to offering the highest level of coaching and top-tier equipment and facilities for your children.