A. The Float

  1. Members may use the float for boarding or debarking, for loading or unloading, or for minor maintenance of boats. They shall do so with dispatch. A member shall remove his boat from the float immediately on request from the Club or Waterfront Manager. For SAFETY reasons, no other activities are allowed.

  2. Permission must be obtained from the Club or Waterfront Manager to leave a boat, other than a dinghy, unattended at the float.

  3. Under no circumstances shall a boat, other than a dinghy, remain at the float overnight.

  4. Any dinghy stored in the racks must be registered at the Club Office.

  5. No unsupervised child under twelve (12) years of age is allowed on the floats.

B. The Anchorage

  1. Private moorings cannot be placed in the anchorage area unless they conform to the rules of the Club. These rules are to be found in the statement entitled "Mooring Policy."

  2. Any member whose boat will not occupy its mooring for the night should notify the Club or Waterfront Manager. The Club reserves the right to rent such mooring when they are not being used by the member.

  3. Club-owned dinghies are not to be used as work boats nor taken outside the anchorage. They are not to be away from the float for an extended period. Dinghies are not to be left on moorings and should be returned to the main float.

  4. Launch service is provided at times established and posted by the Board of Governors. The instructions of the launch operator are to be obeyed at all times.

  5. The speed limit in the anchorage is 5 knots.

  6. Illegal, reckless or discourteous operation of a boat within the anchorage may lead to a hearing by the Board of Governors and result in a fine and removal of waterfront privileges for one month or less.

  7. Life jackets are to be worn by all sailors as established and posted by the Race Committee.

  8. Interference with, or harassment of, racing boats or a sailing program by non participants, or reckless or illegal operation of power boats, no matter where the act occurs, may result in the removal of EPYC Waterfront privileges by the Board of Governors.

  9. Personal Floatation Devices for each individual must be carried while aboard club dinghies.

  10. All individuals age 12 or under shall wear a life jacket while on the main float, junior float, aboard club dinghies and launches.